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A Complete Guide to Tattoo Grip


The tattoo grip is an important key element of tattoo machines. It ensures that the machine lies comfortably in the hand and secures cartridges.

Why Tattoo Grip Comfort Is Key

Comfort is essential for tattoo task that requires precision and concentration. After all, it’s hard to stay focused when hands are not in the most ergonomic position. 

No one likes to think of their work quality as less than satisfactory, especially if it is due to preventable measures. Being able to focus on maintaining a firm, steady grip on the tube of the tattoo machine is a pretty mundane task compared to the other factors of tattoo art that require adequate attention.

The best tattoo grip will make it easier for artists to hold and guide the entire tattoo machine with the right techniques. If artists have limited experience, don’t attribute mistakes solely to the grip. Just keep practicing and finding out which positions work best.

Parameters and Features of Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips

Parameters of stainless steel tattoo grips

Model: 1700121-25mm

Product Name: 25mm Stainless Steel Grip

Material: 304 stainless steel

Needle Mouth: Suitable for all regular needle tips

Diameter: 25mm

Product Length: 48mm

Product Weight: 160g

Colors: Available in 5 colors

Features of stainless steel tattoo grips

1. It is made from stainless steel and weighs less than it looks. The lightweight feel, large grip area, and choice of colors give the tattoo artists the flexibility they need in their line of work. 

2. For those who are fortunate enough to have their own tattoo machine, this tattoo grip will make their machine stand out and give them something that they can hold onto firmly. The back stem is detachable from the grip with two screws, giving the user easy access for sterilization.

3. This grip is a great deal for anyone just starting out as a tattoo artist. This is one of the best tattoo cartridge grips available, regardless of the level of experience.

4. It is a very cost-efficient grip for its quality. It is narrowly shaped to allow the user to grip it in virtually any way that could suit them. The hourglass shape of the grip itself also allows the tattoo artist to readjust the angle of their machine as needed. And its unique shape and simplistic design will give any tattoo machine a glossy, professional look. This lets clients know how serious artists are about their tattooing.

Advantages of Using Tattoo Grip Tape

Tattoo grip comes in a wide variety of shapes, giving artists plenty of options so that they can find the style that best fits their hands. If artists don't like the way a grip feels by itself, try padding it with layers of the cohesive wrap to make it thicker and to make the grip more shock-absorbent.

Tattoo grip tape is designed to provide the artist with a more comfortable grip or to bulk up an existing tube grip. It is a self-adherent wrap that is constructed using elastic fibers and a non-woven cotton material that sticks to itself, but not to the skin or gloves. Tattoo grip tape is also a great alternative to regular medical tape to keep the covering on a new tattoo or in place or as a light compression if desired to reduce new tattoo leakage or for those hard areas on the body to keep a normal bandage on.

It is easy to wrap around any tattoo grip, is comfortable, porous, lightweight, and removal is quick, easy and pain-free. Also, the tape works great for bandaging client's new tattoos. Every roll is individually wrapped for clean use with every roll so that it is protected until used.

Safety Considerations on Using a Tattoo Grip

The holding and painting techniques of the tattoo machine will help ensure that tattoos are possible without any medical complications. No matter how talented of a tattoo artist you might be, though, you need to make sure that your tattoo grip is of decent quality and that it is sanitary.

Sanitation isn’t as big of an issue when you’re using disposable parts. If you buy stainless steel tattoo grips, though, cleaning and sterilizing them between uses is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to be seen as a liability if someone’s body art gets infected.

Whether you’re using an autoclave or disposable setup, also make sure that you’re wearing disposable gloves. This will limit your contact with bloodborne pathogens of the client. Keeping the right safety tattoo grips on hand will protect clients from injury and will protect you from lawsuits. Keep in mind that you have to concern yourself with your clients' safety, of course--you have to maintain a sterile work environment, wearing gloves when prepping and tattooing, and so much more.

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