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A Complete Guide to the Cosmetic Tattoo Machine


A successful cosmetic tattoo is a perfect combination of pigmentation skills with a good quality cosmetic tattoo machine. Working with an excellent rotary tattoo machine makes the tattoo process faster, easier, more pleasant, and this will affect the customers' tattoo experience and the treatment is less painful and the skin heals faster. So how to choose the right one, without letting yourself be fooled by aggressive marketing? And you are supposed to learn a lot about permanent makeup machine kit before buying.

Permanent Makeup Machine Kit - What to Know Before Buying

There is quite a wide range of cosmetic tattoo equipment on the market. Manufacturers offer modern design, a variety of housing colors, modern, light and thin tattoo machines. These features should be of marginal importance when choosing, although they undoubtedly also affect the price of the cosmetic tattoo machine.

Needle system

The needle of the rotary tattoo machine is mounted directly in the handle with a special clamp. When it is installed in the handle of the device and a special cap is placed over it, usually finished with a matching needle guide, the needle becomes an integral part of the handle. This means that it is insensitive to the thickness and structure of the skin, works extremely evenly, does not slow down during work, and the depth of pigmentation depends solely on the gravity of our hand. This stability allows for precise and skin-free pigmentation.

Operating costs

The price should not be the main parameter when we are buying a permanent makeup machine kit. What we should pay attention to is not even as much the cost of the machine itself as the cost of the needles we will use in the daily work. So it is worth considering buying a more expensive digital permanent makeup machine, with the possibility of working on really cheap acupuncture needles. 

Parameters and Features of the cosmetic tattoo machine

Parameters of the cosmetic tattoo machine

Product name: makeup machine with watch and power supply kit 

Product brand: Yilong

Color: silver

Needle depth: 0–4mm

Configurations: watch controllers, permanent makeup tattoo machine, power cords, eyebrow needle, and disposable needle.

Applications: eyebrow Lip/fog eyebrow/eyelashes/lips/small area tattooing


Packing: boutique set box

Features of this makeup tattoo machine

This pen-shaped cosmetic tattoo device is made of aluminum alloy and is highly versatile. It is capable of body tattooing and facial tattooing works extremely quickly and exactly.

This cosmetic tattoo machine is designed to handle permanent makeup procedures with comfort, precision, and care. This sleek, pen-style machine is capable of performing eyeliner, lip shading, scalp micro-pigmentation, and hair stroke tattooing.

This permanent makeup machine kit is gentler than many other versions. It may move rapidly, but does not cause abrasion or irritate the skin. Of course, even with the best eyebrow tattoo machine, artists will feel slight discomfort during the permanent makeup application.

The quiet, muffled sound is due to the fact that this machine is rotation stable and does not vibrate as wildly as some other permanent makeup machines do. It features short circuit protection to prevent any shocks during usage. 

This machine is best suited for anyone with a professional beauty background experienced in tattooing. Clients will love their new permanent makeup with this digital permanent makeup machine.

Except for its efficiency, this cosmetic tattoo machine has a simple usage and features easy maintenance. The item has multiple uses, for instance, for eyebrows, eyeliner, and skin tattooing.

Except for the face makeup, it also can be used for little tattoos, all these in one pen. The package includes a cosmetic tattoo pen, an advanced watch, and a power supply. Moreover, it has been certified under CE.

Basic Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Setup Instructions

What is needed to get started:

Permanent makeup tips - these tips will guide needles. They're disposable.

Permanent makeup needles - these are special needles that can only be used with permanent makeup machine kit.

Cosmetic machine tubes - this is the end of the machine; it's the portion of the machine that the needle and tip go in and slide over. 

Pigments - these permanent makeup pigments, or inks, are available in a variety of colors so artists can do eyebrow, lip liner, and other cosmetic tattoos.

How to start:

1. Purchase a permanent cosmetic tattoo machine which includes permanent makeup needles, cosmetic machine tubes, and permanent makeup tips.

2. Take out the machine and a single tattoo tip, needle, and tube.

3. Remove all pieces from their sterilized packaging.

4. If the machine comes with a metal tube, unscrew it and screw the plastic, disposable tube on in its place.

5. Bend the needle in an S-shape to help it stay in the machine better.

6. Push the bent needle into the slot of the digital permanent makeup machine. As users push the needle in, it will start to straighten out, but since it is still crinkled, it will create tension inside the slot and hold itself in place.

7. Push the needle all the way in, until it can't go back any further.

8. Place the tip onto the tube, over the needle, and it's ready!

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