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An Artist's Guide to Tattoo Equipment

by:Yilong     2020-04-12
Looking for your first tattoo equipment can be confusing enough, because there are so many things to look out for before purchasing your very first equipment. For beginners it is always important to research what sort of things you need for your first tattoo kit, which equipment to use and how to maintain them for prolonged usage. The aim for most beginners is to work towards becoming a professional tattoo artist and opening up their own tattoo studio. There some important things to look for and remember before going out and buying all of your tattoo equipment with some being more important than others. Try following these steps and tips in order to successfully further your tattooing progress. The first thing to remember is to spend some quality time shopping for a good tattoo machine. Read up on the best machines to use and read up on reviews from people who have used this. Choose a high quality tattoo machine that is made out of durable material, has been recommended by other users and is a brand that you are familiar with. You should never test the waters with tattoo equipment because with tattoo art comes plenty of health and safety risks, always make safe choices rather than taking a risk with something you know nothing about. Once you have found the right machine you should make sure you have a good power supply to go with it, one that has the correct output and is of a high quality. Some machines may have more features than others which may require a much more powerful supply. Depending on how demanding the machine is, you should be able to determine this through looking at the machine and checking its power output. The next thing on the list is the little attachments, tips and grips that work well with the machine. These are important pieces of tattoo equipment that are often made out of stainless steel, easy to clean and helps to design a good image for the customer. Along with these are autoclaves, ultrasonics and special cleaning equipment, which are all equally as important for a complete tattoo kit. This key to any tattoo equipment and absolutely vital in applying safe tattoo images. It is illegal to use equipment that is not sterile and can lead to some unwanted lawsuits and fines if it is not adhered to. The next thing on the list of tattoo equipment is needles, inks and fake skins to practice on. There are different sized needles and attachments which can either draw fine lines or colour in for vivid colouring of the image. The ink you use to create the image is also important because you want the finished product to stand out and look even. All of these can be used on practice skins which are ideal for beginner tattoo artists.
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