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Are there services after coil liner tattoo machine installation?
In order to prolong the life of each tattoo machine , Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd constantly keeps in contact with the implemented projects to solve any problems customers may experience. To guarantee the best outcome, our firm has a group of trained and licensed technicians who manage each job in a professional way to turn the project to a reality that exceeds customer expectations. Our efficient after-sales service staff will be on hand to assist you.

Yilong is a modernized globally leading integrated disposable tattoo tubes company. Yilong has created a number of successful series, and tattoo parts is one of them. Yilong tattoo artist accessories adopts a number of techniques to satisfy production requirements. The product is tool-free for quick assembly and disassembly. Customer's trust is a kind of brand for we. The product gives people a soft and smooth feeling

We have a clear market positioning. We are determined to become the leader in the industry. From now on, we will actively grasp the emerging product concepts and innovative technologies to optimize our products and strengthen our capabilities.
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