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Best 3 Tattoo Foot Pedal Reviews


It seems that the tattoo foot pedal is something unworthy of important consideration. However, it plays a significant role when it comes to creating tattoos because it affects how artists work. The thing to bear in mind is that repetitive actions like ankle movement take a toll. A good choice is a must for anyone serious about tattooing. Check out our best 3 lists of tattoo foot pedal near me below with specifications and features also included.

1.Rainband BNC Tattoo Foot Pedal 1600232


This foot pedal will be a great helping hand in your tattoo work. It is fashionable, sturdy and easy to use. It also comes in different colors.


Name: Tattoo Foot Pedal

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Blue/Purple/Gold/Red

Package Size: 4.84 * 4.84 * 2.32in

Package Weight: 360g


* There are anti-skid stripes on the surface of the foot pedal, which increases the friction and has a better anti-skid effect.

* The wire of this tattoo foot pedal is made of silica gel that is anti-fraying and anti-conductive.

* Made of metal materials, it is durable and easy to use. And it is lightweight and easy to control.

* It features stable operation: equipped with large horsepower motor, long time without getting hot.

2.New Tattoo Foot Switch 1600241


Model: 1600241

Name: Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal Diameter: 105mm

Cord Length: 8 foot long cord

Weight: 232g


This newly designed Yilong foot pedal provides tattoo artists with the stability needed during the tattoo procedure.

This quality footswitch is heavy-duty, round metal pedal with an 8-foot cord and phono tip.

This round pedal has a thin 6.5ft connection cable with a cinch plug, 360° accessibility so it can be operated from all sides, and sturdy springs so that artists can rest their feet without unintentionally activating the switch. 

Its special 3M rubber nonskid pads help keep the footswitch stable during use. It is minimalistic in design with a durable construction, falling under Protection Class IP X6. 

This tattoo foot pedal is certified professional tattoo equipment; Quality tickets with a signature and stamped date are included with each footswitch.

3.Mini Footswitch 1600210

Model: 1600210

Name: Foot Pedal

Material: Brass Construction

Foot Pedal Length: 105mm

Plug: 1/4” mono plug

Cable: 6.6 inches

Weight: 232g


Specially designed to accommodate a tattoo artist’s foot like no other pedal on the market, this foot pedal is miniature and lightweight, but sturdy enough for optimal procedures.

It is built for everyday use at the tattoo studio, designed to withstand daily wear and tear. This durable footswitch has a thick profile and comes equipped with a non-slip rubber base for balanced procedures; it is large and heavy-duty in construction for durability and maximum sturdiness. 

Not only is this tattoo foot pedal ergonomically designed from high-quality materials; it is also sleek with a smooth surface, making it easily wipeable for hygienic procedures. It makes for a good-looking setup, featuring a white resin logo inlay.

Things to Consider When Choosing Tattoo Foot Pedal Near Me

1. Keep Your Comfort Foremost

Comfort should be one of the primary considerations for any equipment you buy. Foot and ankle strain are brutal. But it doesn’t always end there. Repetitive movements like working a foot pedal have a nasty way of becoming worse and turning into back strain, especially if it’s affecting your posture.

2. Stay Under Control

Using a tattoo foot pedal helps you keep the process under control so that you can do different techniques. From an artist's perspective, a responsive foot pedal is a must-have. You’re going to have to change speed frequently, so it only makes sense that your pedal will make it easier. Your tattoo pedal, therefore, should stay in place as you’re using it. Make sure it has a non-slide surface so that it stays in place as you work. Your speed will likely change as you start to get into the process. You might put more pressure on your pedal without even knowing it.

3. Keep the Power Going

The circuitry is the nuts and bolts of a tattoo foot pedal. It should provide good conductivity and be resistant to short circuits. You should choose a tattoo foot pedal that strikes a nice balance between responsiveness and sensitivity.

And don’t forget to find out the length of its cord. You know your tattoo station best. When you’re working, you don’t want any distractions. Make sure the cord is long enough to fit into your overall setup. It’s a little thing, but it can be a big deal when you’re trying to focus on your art.

4. Make it Last

Both the tattoo machine and the pedal are the business ends of your work. A high-quality tattoo pedal is made of materials that can handle the constant pressure. Take a pass on any cheap, plastic products. You need something that is sturdy and durable to get the job done.

Take time to examine the tattoo foot pedal. Look at the terminals and screws for the input connectors as well as the wires themselves. They should be easy to adjust and stay put once they’re in place. You should also opt for heavy-duty wires that can take the abuse of everyday use.

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