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Coil Tattoo Machine

It is composed of the contactor, front adjusting screw, front shrapnel, armature, back contactor, coil, handle lock, frame, and terminal post. The performance of a coil machine is closely related to the quality of the coil. The coil determines the power of the coil tattoo machine.

Beyond that, since the frame is a conductor and is responsible for conducting electricity, its materials are particularly important. The frame is usually made of black steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, pure copper or other materials. It can work continuously four hours without getting heats, featuring full strength.

When debugging the tattoo machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the stroke of the tattoo machine, which must be at least 2.5mm. This allows the needle to be stretched enough so that when the needle reaches out, it can penetrate into the bottom layer of the epidermis, while when it retracts, it can retract into the tube and stick to the pigment. Generally speaking, coil tattoo machines are not suitable for tattoo artists who are beginners.

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