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Coil Tattoo Machine: A Guide To Start


The coil tattoo machine is the most commonly seen and used. This machine uses an electromagnetic circuit to move the needle grouping. There are many variations of custom coil tattoo machines. Some have single coils, others double coils, and others yet even have triple coils. Although many combinations exist, double coil tattoo machines are considered to be the standard for most tattoo artists who prefer coil machines.

Coil Tattoo Machine How It Works

The best coil tattoo machine utilizes electromagnetic currents to create and break a circuit in a cyclical fashion, moving the needles attached to the machine forward into the skin when the circuit is created and retracting them when the circuit breaks.

When the machine's coils are charged, the electromagnetic current pulls the metal armature bar of the coil tattoo machine down towards the coils, which then pushes the attached tattoo needles into the skin. That downward motion breaks the circuit previously created by the front spring attached to the top of the armature bar touching a neighboring contact screw, which causes the electromagnetic field to collapse, the armature bar to spring back towards the contact screw, and the needles to retract back into the tattoo tube. 

Once the front spring reconnects with the contact screw, the cycle begins again and repeats at a rapid pace (the precise rate of which is set by the tattoo artist) as long as the machine is in use. You can learn more about the coil tattoo machine how it works compared to its quieter rotary tattoo machine in our blog post, Rotary Tattoo Machine FAQ

Specifications And Features of Custom Coil Tattoo Machines

Parameters of coil tattoo machine

Model: 1002588

Product Brand: Yilong Coil Tattoo Machine

Weight: 260g

Liner Voltage: 6-8V

Shader Voltage: 5-8V

Material: Aviation Aluminum

Length of Needle: 2.5-4mm Optimal

Color: Golden

Features of the best coil tattoo machine

1. This coil tattoo machine kit is handmade with care in China. YILONG custom coil tattoo machines are known for their lightweight, single-piece aluminum frames, which make these machines light overall and incredibly well-balanced. Each component of each machine is hand-crafted in YILONG's workshops, from their 8 wrap coils to their silver contact screws. Both coil tattoo machine liner and shader weigh in at just 5.5 oz. each, making them easy to maneuver while artists tattoo.

2. It is an ergonomic, state-of-the-art machine made from the highest-quality materials available. It's a lightweight, quiet machine with an adjustable suspension system that allows artists to easily adjust needle hitting force, and it comes with a needle bar retainer. Use the coil tattoo machine with any standard grips, tubes, needles, and tattoo power supply.

3. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and its easy-to-clean, professionally-anodized exteriors won't chip or fade. Inside it contains the highest grade of magnetic steel, insulators made from durable aircraft composite that doesn't crack or distort, highly-conductive brass and copper electrical components, and mechanical parts made from tempered tool steel that won't dent, bend or break.

4. Enjoy the solid functionality of this custom coil tattoo machine and learn how it works inside and out with an instruction book, which is available in both English and Chinese and in a variety of formats.

Coil Tattoo Machine Parts

The major coil tattoo machine parts include the tattoo machine frame (the core of the machine - all other parts are attached to it), tattoo machine coils, the front binding post, the back binding post, contact screws, the armature bar, armature bar screws, and front & rear springs.

Again, there are other components to a coil tattoo machine, including the various nuts and bolts, washers, and the pieces you attach right before you use your machine (e.g. tattoo grips, tattoo needles, a power cord, etc.). However, the components detailed above are the core components of every tattoo machine.

How to Replace Coils of Coil Tattoo Machine

All frames are different, but there will typically be two holes on the bottom to settle the coils into, a hole on the top left of the frame to attach the left coil connector and front binding post, and a hole on the bottom right to attach the right connector and back binding post.

After settling the coils into the frame with washers in between, screw the coils to the frame loosely by hand. Then, once confirmed that the coil connectors are lined up well with the appropriate holes on the frame, press the coils down against the frame as you tighten the screws underneath with an Allen key to ensure that the coils don't spin.

Note: Sometimes it's best to wait until both coils and armature assembly are attached to the frame before inserting the washers between the bottom of the coils and the machine frame.

Coil Tattoo Machine For Sale

You'll find all the coil tattoo machine parts and tools you could possibly need on our website. For tattoo grips, needles and other accessories, contact us for more information.

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