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Does Yilong have export licence?
Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd has obtained the export license for many years. Our export experience is rich. Cooperation with foreign companies is a strong evidence of our strength. You can see it on our official website and the administration's.

Characterized by coil tattoo machine parts, tattoo machine parts takes the lead in tattoo machine parts industry. Yilong's new tattoo tips series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product features great anti-fatigue property. When it is subjected to repeated loads, its failure point will not easily occur. A part of the product is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, making it strong enough. Yilong's aim is to provide quality services to customers. The product is tool-free for quick assembly and disassembly.

We are working across the business to create new packaging solutions that reduce waste and improve circularity through reuse and recycling of materials.
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