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Owner of Yilong Tattoo Equipment Co., Ltd

Chen chunrong was born in 1982, He is a typical post-80s young man. 
He is calm and determined, calm and enthusiastic. Time flies like an arrow. Imperceptibly, the little urchin than on age add, in business also already all things hold together.


Now, Chen chunrong, who is in his 30s, the founder of Yilong Tattoo Supply Co.,ltd,Rotary cartridge tattoo machine supplier has established has more than 5000 square meters factory building, manages the product to be as high as nearly ten thousand kinds, the production personnel amount to 100 people,  the sales personnel with more than 40 employees, it is a mommercial 
company of top scientific research and development personnel, and its commercial tentacles have gained a firm foothold in China and extended to the European and Armerican markets. T&C TATTOO INC has been established in the United States. Fifteen years of wind and rain, so that he completed the transformation from frog to prince.

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