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Frequently Asked Questions of Tattoo Machines

by:Yilong     2020-04-06
There is a paper including some frequently asked questions of tattoo machines on my hand, which I would like to share with you, to enrich your knowledge: Question 1: Which aspect should we pay attention to when choosing? How to choose a satisfying one? Answer: Actually, a good one could be qualified of doing all the specific work, including heavy shading and light lining. Tattoo equipment sellers usually take different uses of tattoo machines as their selling stunt, which, however, is wrong-oriented leading concept, because there might be the same requirement from the strength of needles when do shading and lining. Question 2: What is the best material to make a tattoo machine? Answer: There are many materials could be used to build the frames, among which there are no significant different effects on the final performance. If the strength of the material is qualified, then it can be used, and no reason stands for choosing conductive materials as frames. In the market, now the riffled iron machines are boasted overly, which is also businessman's selling strategy. Question 3: How to make the bounce of the springs stable? Answer: The stability of the springs and magnet coils mainly depends on the fixed position of initial treating in the machine and its final tolerance. If the basic formation of a tattoo machine is not so good, you could add an anti-back gasket to the fixed screw of coils to prevent the shifting. Question 4: Can experienced tattoo artists pick out an outstanding machine only by its working sound? Answer: No. The actually working performance only can be told after installing needles to put into practice. Sometimes sellers use thin materials because they cost less, which make the machine sound ugly. On the contrast, thick materials make strong sound. In the next sections of this article, you will still be experienced with professional questions and answers from the author who is a master in tattoo practice, especially in making homemade tattoo machines. More frequently asked questions of tattoo machines to be continued. Please leave comments below if you have some other suggestions, which will be very appreciated.
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