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Health Risks Associated With Tattoos

by:Yilong     2020-03-30
Tattoo art is becoming increasingly popular and widespread throughout the world today. Though it has existed for a long time in history, today it has come to the foreground with a new meaning and significance. A tattoo artist, one who is responsible for carving a tattoo, has changed his methods from cutting a design into the skin and filling it with ink to a more sophisticated method of use a tattoo machine with a specific number of needle setups. Tattooing in whatever form holds considerable risk to the person. Since it involves cutting across your skin, a number of skin related issues are likely to arise. Most common are infections and allergies soon after the tattoo is made. The main reason for this is the use of unsterilized needles. A professional tattoo artist may take the necessary precautions like using a one-time use needle or getting his equipment sterilized soon after a procedure. This greatly minimizes the chances of infections. The odds of getting an infection are high if one gets a tattoo made on the street or in prisons. Apart from unsterilized equipment infection also spreads through contaminated ink particularly of certain colors which mainly causes infections on the surface layer of the skin like fungal infections, a form of hepatitis, tuberculosis and many a times even HIV. Very rarely, a bruise may also occur during the process. However, this is largely true in case of crude methods used for tattooing. The commercially applied sophisticated method of tattooing does not really cause any infections or bruises. Today many professional tattooists undergo training. It is called blood borne pathogen training. However, it is not uncommon to find untrained people engaged in the art as well. Even the crude methods of tattoo making are different across different cultures and places and have been handed down by generations.
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