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How many people in Yilong R&D department?
Tattoo kit machine R&D has been at the heart of the company since the start. We have gathered a number of R&D talents. Our R&D team develops trustworthy products, services, and systems which lead to enhancing the quality of your small business. Our developmental tasks are tightly tied to our market targets.

Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd mainly deals with professional rotary tattoo machine with high quality and competitive rates. Yilong's main products include clipcords series. Yilong aluminum tattoo grips has gone through a series of tests. These tests include electric safety tests for obtaining national and international approvals, noise emission measurements, and risk analysis. It can be made with customized sizes. With the advanced handwriting recognition technology, tattoo machine parts provides a smooth and natural writing experience.

Our company truly maximize our green efforts. We use the most energy efficient machines and appliances available, from manufacturing machines through office refrigerators. All is for achieving a high level of energy efficiency. Get more info!
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