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How to Choose a Tattoo Arm Rest


Why is it important to choose a tattoo arm rest? It’s all for the clients’ comfort. Making the customer as comfortable as possible during tattooing should be the number one priority for any tattoo artist. As you might know, if the clients’ arm or leg is not positioned properly on quality equipment, there is a high chance that his or her arm/leg could become uncomfortable during the long drawing session. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that artists find an adjustable tattoo arm rest stand that will make their work easier and more enjoyable.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tattoo Armrest

To make the tattoo process feel more enjoyable, tattoo shop owners should provide clients with a tattoo arm rest where he/she can rest his/her arm while getting a tattoo. This is not that different from a regular chair armrest. Both are designed to support the arm. The difference is a custom tattoo armrest has its own base. There are a few things to consider upon purchasing an armrest, such as design, features, and price. Pay attention to the thickness and softness of the padding. Also, find out the maximum height tattoo armrest stand can be raised to because it will affect the overall comfort.

1. Material

The best tattoo armrest is made of a wide range of materials. However, knowing tattoo service is supposed to be clean and sterile, metal material should be the first choice for all furniture in a tattoo shop. It’s simply more sanitary due to the non-absorbent properties. As for the cushioning, go for a softer material. Synthetic materials are awesome because they are durable.

2. Height

Should artists go for a tattoo arm rest with a fixed or adjustable height? The latter is more convenient for a tattoo shop because clients have different heights. For taller clients, artists can raise the tattoo armrest stand, so that their forearms don’t hang too low. The same goes for shorter clients. Artists should adjust it to their comfort level.

3. Budget

Buying an armrest won’t burn a hole in your pocket because they normally come with moderate price tags. It costs about the same as other tattoo supplies. Investing in a quality product is worthwhile because this heavy duty tattoo armrest will be used frequently given the popularity of arm tattoos. Don’t hesitate to shell out more because a good armrest can last for years and needs low upkeep.

Parameters and Features of Custom Tattoo Armrest

Parameters of custom tattoo armrest

Model: 1002139

Brand Name: YILONG

Material: Stainless Steel

Cushion Size: 280*190*60mm

Minimum Height: 650mm

Maximum Height: 1000mm

Capacity: 250 lbs

Weight: 2.5kg

Features of custom tattoo armrest

This Yilong tattoo arm rest is an affordable, sturdy, lightweight, large surface armrest. It is equipped with a swiveling armrest that locks nice and tight, stays in place and makes for the best possible situation while working on those tattoos artists want to get closer to while keeping the clients comfortable as well.

It has a tightening handle with a push-button release for unlimited rotation. The tripod base guarantees a stable tattoo armrest stand while working and each leg is easily to wipe to keep it like new after each client.

This custom tattoo armrest for sale has a stainless steel constructed base with a durable black powder-coated finish. It also features a multi-directional pad to help with those odd angles. The thick pad was designed to allow the clients to stay comfortable during those long tattoo sessions.

The swivel pad of this tattoo arm rest is extremely easy to adjust and tighten and really tightens down better than any other swivel armrest available.

Assembles Easily: this heavy duty tattoo armrest can be assembled easily with little to no technical knowledge. It comes in 3 pieces. The first piece is the arm board, 2nd piece is the adjustment bar and the 3rd piece is the base stand. The arm board has a hole that screws into the adjustment bar. The adjustment bar slides into the center of the base stand. Tighten and adjust the height via the base knob. Tighten and adjust the tilt of the arm board via the adjustment knob below the arm board.

Choose a Manufacturer of the Best Tattoo Armrest

All in all, don’t overlook the role of a tattoo arm rest because it’s just as vital as other tattoo supplies. Yilong supplies a fantastic selection of armrests for use in the tattoo studio. Its custom tattoo armrest for sale is designed to provide the customer with the best comfort possible whilst positioning the arm in the best place possible for the tattooist. In addition to being comfortable, all models we supply are made of high-quality materials.

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