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How to Choose A Tattoo Chair


Tattoo shops need the tattoo chair and table from the very beginning if they intend to carry a professional image, but what sort of stool should they purchase? That depends on what kind of needs the artists have. For example, a big shop absolutely needs hydraulic chairs made for tattoo artists in order to offer the best experience to their clients and artists. Here is the list of different types of tattoo chairs.

Different Types of the Tattoo Chair

For clients who come to get tattoos, comfort is paramount. The process of getting a tattoo can be quite painful, so it is important to make them as relaxed as possible. The tattoo chair amazon will allow artists to do tattoos on every part of the body, but some are more limited. Let’s take a look at the different types of the tattoo chair on the market:

Portable chair for tattooing

The portable chair is lightweight and easy to transport if the artists often change position. But it can be difficult to do specific types of tattoos. It is often made of plastic or synthetic leather. If artists need something durable to go with as they serve clients, this is a great fit for that purpose.

Hydraulic chair for tattooing

Inkbed hydraulic tattoo chair is very similar in design to a barber chair. It allows artists to adjust various things like height and position without straining the customer. By using pressurized air or water, the hydraulics make a huge difference when the artists are moving or adjusting customers. It often has additional features like reclining and armrests for the customer.

Adjustable chair for tattooing

The adjustable tattoo chair doesn’t have the hydraulics features mentioned above, but it does still have the option for customization and adjustment. Things like the height and headrest can be adjusted for customer’s comfort. Armrests can also be attached or removed without the need for tools. A footrest also allows artists to prop up the customer’s legs or let them recline as needed.

Tattoo table

While not technically a chair, the tattoo table is an extremely comfortable option for the customer experience. It combines portability with full exposure to the skin so artists can place tattoos anywhere on the body. A face rest makes it resemble a massage table, but this type of tattoo furniture is a great way to combine function with comfort for customers. The only downside would be the table’s height. Artists will need to consider this when choosing a stool as it may not rise to the height of the table.

Recommendation of Tattoo Chair

Parameters of this Inkbed Hydraulic Tattoo Chair

Model: 2100307

Category: Tattoo Chair

Material: Artificial leather & PVC

Padding: High-density comfort foam

Color: Black

Function: Tattooing

Tattoo Chair Weight Limit: 150Kg

Weight: 35kg

Size: 1120*370*620mm

Features of Inkbed Hydraulic Tattoo Chair

It is a professional and high-quality tattoo chair. Artists can position this chair into just about any position for any tattoo job. Artists can adjust the height to work best and comfortably. They can also spin it 360 degrees. It is a product that is designed with both the client and the artist in mind.

This electric tattoo chair addresses the issues of stability with non-slip rubber base feet and solid construction to make people feel secure when using it. It is worth the investment for a quality product that will make artists' work more efficiently.

This beautiful tattoo chair comes all on its own, but it has plenty of features to offer to the tattoo shop. When artists need to make clients comfortable, the armrests and leg rests swivel out of the way, and the frame holds them up. On top of that, the hydraulic system means artists don’t feel the weight of their clients when swiveling, moving them around or having them adjust their pose.

Things to Consider When Buying A Tattoo Chair

Quality of chair

The purchase of a tattoo chair is indeed a huge investment for the tattoo business. You must check the reliability of the brand when you are going to purchase an electric tattoo chair at first because a name matters. Moreover, the quality of the chair depends upon the functionality and only then can be used for a longer period of time. This key feature also ensures the user know that they are in good hands.


The best chair for tattooing is the one that can make everyone glad and comfortable regardless of height and weight. For this, choose a chair that can provide as much flexibility and adjustability as it can accordingly. Adjustable armrests, headrests, and footrests can enhance the performance as well as make the experience happy for clients.

Keeps tattoo tools organized 

Tattoo chair with tools organizers is the good add-on to the studio and helps artists to keep all tattoo related equipment in asymmetry, making it easy to manage them. While tattooing a client, this arrangement of tools saves time that can be served in a hunt for a proper tool.

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