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How to Choose Right Tattoo Power Supplies


Choosing the right tattoo power supplies for tattoo machine setups is important. A great tattoo artist gives only the best service to their clients. This depends on that they have the right skills and the right equipment. This also includes the equipment used to power their machines. 

There are a ton of power supplies to choose from, but every brand offers the same thing: a controlled flow of electricity. This enables artists to tattoo at a much steadier and speedier rate than if they did it without power. Each model will offer different physical features, but its basic purpose is the same. Here is the list of our 3 best professional tattoo power supplies. You can choose the one based on your working mode.

Types of Tattoo Power Supplies

1.ED600 power supply 1600600

Specifications of tattoo power supplies

Product Model: 1600600

Display: LCD Digital 

Color: Black

Input voltage: 90V-240V, AC50/60Hz. 

Output Voltage: 3~18V

Output Power: 0.3-45W

Operating Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA 

Dimension: 85*155*15mm


If you need a reliable dual power supply for your tattoo shop, you might take a look at this power machine offered by Yilong. It features a green LCD display, an output ranging from 0 to 18 volts, built-in overload protection, two footswitch modes, and non-volatile memory. Another great thing about this tattoo power supply near me is that you can save up to six different configurations. The package also includes two clips cords, suctions cups, and magnets.

Users just have to press a button to switch between machines and that the display shows all 

baseline reading that they need.

2.Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Power Supply Tattoo Power Supply 1600198

Specifications of tattoo power supplies

Product Model: 1600198

Display: LCD Digital 

Color: Black


The dual tattoo power supply machine offered by Yilong is reliable, handy, and suitable for every professional tattoo shop.

This power supply machine features a switch on the lower left-hand corner, a digital ultra-bright LCD screen which is great because it gives an accurate, easy to understand readout, and a 120/220 v conversion switch in the back.

This best professional tattoo power supply has turn knob for easy voltage adjustments, digital voltage display, and continuous pedal mode.

The base of the power supply has a nonskid material. Users can simply place the power supply on a flat surface and have no worry about sliding around on the table. 

It is lightweight and small in size, easy to carry. It is perfect for tattoo beginners or professional tattoo artists.

3.New Touch Screen Power Supply -New Arrival 1600195

Specifications of tattoo power supplies

Product Model: 1600195

Color: Black 

Output Voltage: 1.5v - 17v 

Voltage Changing Indicator: Colorful

Knob: Rotary control

Applications: Compatible with all coil and rotary tattoo machines


The best tattoo power supply bottom has an anti-skid device and built-in magnet for easy mounting, easy to fix on the desk, CNC-machined anodized aluminum housing and silicone grips make it suitable for many tattooing cases.

It has a simple rotary control to turn on/off output and change voltage and 1/4" mono jack inputs for standard clip cord and foot pedal (foot pedal is not required to run the machine). This best professional tattoo power supply provides a strong and stable current to operate the tattoo machine.

It supports fine-tuning and large adjustment of voltage. Different light colors represent different voltage values. The voltage can be easily operated by gently touching the screen.

Tips on Choosing the Best Tattoo Power Supply

Here are some tips on choosing the right tattoo power supplies:

1. You should choose the type of power supply. Analogue and digital power supplies come in both regulated and unregulated models. Your confidence level and power output reading are factors in choosing the right power supply. It is very important to look at each type available. However, digital power supplies are more expensive. Regulated machines are pricey, but it provides you with a constant voltage even if the tattoo machine isn't running.

2. You need to determine the voltage required. Tattoo power supplies have a wide range of volt outputs. Some are capable of running as low as 3V and as high as 12V to 15V. Some portable power supplies can run to as low as 1.5V and larger power supplies can run to as high as 20V. Obviously, the higher the voltage would mean more power will be supplied.

3. You also need to consider the fluctuations. The amount of power required at any given time during a tattoo may change depending on the amount of pressure being applied as the tattoo needle pierces the skin. Ask, research, and pick which best professional tattoo power supply you feel most comfortable with.

4. Finally, you should take into consideration your regular tattoo machine. Some tattoo power supplies are only recommended for a coil operated tattoo machine, while others can be used for a rotary machine and still others can be used for both.

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