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How to Choose Rotary Tattoo Machine


When electric pens were invented 140 years ago, no one knew that those pens could be modified for some other use. However, things have changed dramatically. Many innovations and technological advancements have offered items that weren’t possible in the past. The electric pens of yesteryears now have a new face in the form of tattoo machines. People love to engrave tattoos on their body. To tap the demand, many artists offer tattoo engraving services. If you wish to jump-start in this field, buy good-quality equipment from reliable rotary tattoo machine manufacturers.

What is a professional rotary tattoo machine?

Essentially, it’s a hand-held tool used for making a tattoo on the skin using indelible ink. Professional machines use electromagnetic coils to speed up the process. Commonly called a gun, pen, or iron, a tattoo machine lets you draw amazing designs on any part of the body. Today, tattoo engraving has manifested into a serious venture. The business of tattooing is growing by leaps and bounds, and many tattoo artists make a fortune with their art. However, the key lies in picking the right machine.

Tips to choose the best professional rotary tattoo machine

As a tattoo artist or tattoo tool selling outlet, you may want to stock machines that will bring in better results. If the results are better, tattoo artists will get more customers. When this happens, tattoo machine wholesalers will make a steady sale. Whether you’re a tattoo artist or a wholesaler, here are handy tips to pick the best equipment when checking reputed rotary tattoo machine manufacturers.

Shape and size

Tattoo machines come in all shapes and sizes. The existence of numerous shapes and sizes gives you an opportunity to select from a wide variety. You could get carried and overwhelmed with the wide variety. Also, your selection process becomes difficult.

As an artist, you’ve to hold the professional rotary tattoo machine many times each day. In some cases, you’ll have to hold the equipment for several hours. This is even more correct when someone wants to engrave a big and complicated design. You’ll have to twist and turn your hand many times as per the needs of the design. If the tool is too big or heavy, handling could be an issue. When this is the situation, rendering quality tattooing services could become a problem.

To get rid of this issue, choose equipment that’s comfortable on your hand. It should neither be too big or bulky. Rather, look for a compact machine that will streamline the tattoo making process. Such a tool will let you engrave complex designs without problems.

Check material quality

No two rotary machines are the same. Some machines are better than others. In spite of this fact, all vendors profess to offer the best quality equipment. So, how do you testify the claims of vendors? Your best bet would be material sturdiness.

Find out what materials are used in the construction of the tool. Is the machine poorly-constructed? Are the materials fragile? If so, you’re better off checking other models. As a thumb rule, look for a professional rotary tattoo machine that features a durable built and is made out of strong materials.


Remember, a tattoo engraving machine is a heavy-duty tool. You’ll have to use the equipment for hours each day. That can affect the working efficiency of the machine. When this happens, you’ll have to overhaul the device. Plus, you’ll have to replace certain parts. That’s common with any equipment.

However, make sure that the device you’re considering doesn’t require too much maintenance. If this is the case, it’ll affect your profitability. Rather, check tools from reputable rotary tattoo machine manufacturers that warrant minimum upkeep and maintenance.


Tattooing equipment runs on power. There are chances that you may sustain electric shocks in case the machine starts malfunctioning. Plus, you could incur injuries when twisting and turning your hands for creating tattoos. A serious injury or electric shocks could keep you from carrying out your design chores.

To avert this problem, check the safety features of the machine. The tool should include enhanced safety measures to protect you against electric shocks. Also, the design should be ergonomic to avoid straining your hands and arms. Be wary of these points when exploring rotary tattoo machine manufacturers.

Brand name

Most wholesalers and tattooing artists don’t give heed to the brand name when buying a professional rotary tattoo machine. They just look for a comfortable grip and make a purchase. However, most of these tools wear out quickly. If you want to avoid any such embarrassing situation, check the brand name. Branded products are well-made and don’t wear out easily. Also, they can stand the test of usage and time. With little care, you can enjoy their companionship for years.


Any tattoo device outlet stocks hundreds of machines for customers. Even a tattoo artist buys numerous tools for making different types of designs. Essentially, too much is at stake. Your day to day functions, investment, and customer satisfaction could be in jeopardy if the equipment poses problems.

You need a tool that’s backed by warranties. Warranted products last long. Also, if you face any problem, you can get in touch with the manufacturer. That will let you enjoy quick repairs or replacements without paying a single penny.


Of course, you wish to shell out a minimal sum to pick the best quality machine. So, check the price of various tools. However, don’t sacrifice quality for pricing. Rather, compare the rates of rotary tattoo machine manufacturers in view of their product quality, warranty, and durability. After reviewing multiple brands, settle with the one that offers premium quality machines at the most economical rates.

Bottom line

Buying a professional rotary tattoo machine is a big decision that you should take seriously. Instead of making an impulsive decision, check the various parameters that go into making a high-quality tattooing tool. Stick to the above tips when buying tattooing equipment. Also, review reliable rotary tattoo machine manufacturers. If you shop wisely in accordance with the above advice, there’s no reason why you won’t bag the best tattoo engraving equipment.

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