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How to Choose the Tattoo lamp for Tattooing


The proper tattoo lamp is crucial to help artists in the process, making sure the colors and details they spent painstaking moments creating a fabulous tattoo coming out the way they’re intended to. While people spend hundreds of dollars on other equipment, they forget to consider one most important thing - that is a tattoo LED lamp.

Tips for Choosing the Best Ring Light for Tattooing

While some artists find overhead fluorescent lighting suffices, we’d strongly recommend a task simple lamp tattoo – particularly one of daylight color temperature. At 5,000 degrees Kelvin and above, daylight ranges of color temperature emulate natural light, and not only allow shades to stand out true to color (whereas yellow-to red-tinged light may warp how a color appears compared to its actual shade), but also sharply illuminate what artists are doing, making for better precision and attention to detail. Not only is this external factor likely to enhance the effectiveness of a tattoo artist – considering the permanency of the art, mistakes are big no-no’s – but also reduce the strain put on eyes, without pressuring them to focus on tiny details in lighting we often don’t realize is too dim for us. Here are our picks for the tattoo lamp.

Tattoo LED Lamp for Tattooing

1. Parameters and Features of Ring Light for Tattoo

Parameters of ring light for tattoo

Material: ABS & Metal

Color: White & Black

Optional Type: RK40-10.5in, RK42-12in, RK43-8in

Color Temperature: 3200-6500k

USB Voltage: 5V/1A

Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz

LED Lamp Bead Quantity: RK40: 126pcs, RK42: 162pcs, RK43: 96pcs

Arm Length: 810 mm / 31.8 in

Lens Diameter: 120 mm / 4.7 in

Features of ring light for tattoo

This lamp provides eye-friendly light that will surely help artists in focusing on their work. They can use this tattoo lamp at any place like a living room, drawing room and anywhere else.

It is the most commonly used lamp used in various tattoo studios. The ring lamp comes in various lighting modes that will help artists to create a suitable lighting atmosphere so they can choose any of them as per their needs and choices.

The lamp comes in five brightness levels that allow artists to change according to their use and the demand for their work, which will definitely reduce the electricity expense.

The best thing about this best ring light for tattooing is that artists can easily bend and twist this lamp so that if they are doing any deep work craft, they can bend that tattoo lamp and focus on that particular part of the body.

The light of the lamp is eye caring so that artists will not face any vision issue after working for a long time under this lamp.

The assembling and dissembling of professional tattoo light is very easy so that artists will not face any issue while shifting the lamp from one place to another.

2. Parameters and Features of led tattoo floor lamp

Parameters of LED tattoo floor lamp

Lighting Intensity: 30,000 lux (at a distance of 30 cm)

Light Source: Halogen bulb 35W

Color Temperature: 4500K

Colour Rendering Index: 95CRI

Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz

Lamp Head Diameter: 75 mm

Beam Diameter: 80-250 mm

Controls: Brightness controller

Net weight: 4 Kg

Features of LED tattoo floor lamp

This tattoo LED lamp offers high brightness that will help artists to see the mini particle even in the darkroom. It will not only helpful for tattooing but also for other essential tasks such as reading a book or playing indoor games.

The repositionable wing shade rotates, while the flexible gooseneck allows artists better control to position the light directly where they need it. The opaque, wing shade also throws a focused path of light where it is required rather than allowing it to diffuse or create unwanted glares.

Another best thing about this tattoo lamp is that artists can see the color naturally as some lamps have their own light shades that change the entire color of the room and in case of tattooing artists have to deal with colors so this the best option to go with.

This professional tattoo light comes with an adjustable color option so that artists can change the color of the lamp, i.e. white, natural white and cool white according to their working mood and preference.

The Manufacturer of the Professional Tattoo Light

Every artist has their preference of lighting depending on the style of tattoo, artist workstation, studio environment, and other factors. To ensure they have just what they need, Yilong offers a wide selection of tattoo lamps that are easily adjustable for maximum clarity and brightness, to rechargeable headlamps and portable tables. Yilong gives you options and features that match your needs at the best prices.

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