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How to go through the auto tattoo machine customization?
If you need to customize tattoo machine , we can help. Firstly, our designers will communicate with you to work out a design that you are satisfied with. Then, after the confirmation of the design, our production team will make pre-production samples. We will not begin production until the pre-production samples are reviewed and approved by the customers. And before delivery, we will do quality inspection and performance testing in-house. If needed, we can entrust the third party to do this job. With professionals, specialist equipment, and advanced technology, we ensure fast and accurate customization.

A large number of best tattoo power supply at the worldwide level have been developed and manufactured by Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd. Yilong has created a number of successful series, and clipcords is one of them. The design of Yilong disposable tube needle combo complies with the industrial design idea. It is designed and manufactured according to the law of electromagnetic induction. This ruggedly handsome product is designed to resist the elements such as impact and rust, making it more time-tested. It is aimed at offering the greatest maximum comfort to people.

We strive for sustainable growth, offering responsible products at an affordable price. Using our expertise, we support more sustainable consumption patterns by reducing the environmental impact of our products.
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