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Is installation service provided for tattoo gun and machine ?
Along with providing tattoo gun and machine and alternatives to customers, Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd has expanded our offering to such as installments services along with other after-sales services. For the fast answer and issue resolution, we supply a wide selection of after-sales services of dependable quality to deal with your personal inquiry and requirements. Our technicians are experienced and will place all their abilities and know-how available.

Yilong is a competitive exporter in China for its professional rotary tattoo machine. Yilong has created a number of successful series, and tattoo machine accessories is one of them. Yilong tattoo machine tips is well-structured, bringing visual enjoy. It is very easy to operate and use. The product has the advantage of corrosion resistance. When it is subjected to the atmosphere, it won't react with the air. It is widely sold in the European and American markets.

We are fostering new production lines with low energy consumption and less emission. In the next phase, we will try to use clean energy resources to support our production tasks. We hope by doing these, the negative environmental impact will be reduced.
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