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Is there instruction manual for best selling tattoo machine ?
Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd has prepared you the Instructions to fulfill your needs, saving time and providing the reassurance.  Following the Instructions as the correct operation will affect the working efficiency and life of tattoo machine . Except for the Instruction, our dedicated service team is available to provide expert advice and support for you.

A large number of starter tattoo machine at the worldwide level have been developed and manufactured by Yilong. Yilong has created a number of successful series, and aluminum tattoo grips is one of them. Yilong accessories tattoo has a timeless look that follows the current trend. It is designed and manufactured according to the law of electromagnetic induction. The product features chemical resistance. It can resist the effects of chemicals like acids, salts, and alkalis and won't easily swell or soften. The surface of the product has been highly polished.

In the production stages, we make efforts in making full use of resources. We introduce cutting-edge machinery and facilities to reduce resources consumption, such as water, electricity, and product materials.
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