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Knowing the Condition of Your Autoclave

by:Yilong     2020-04-16
Are you sure that your autoclave sterilizer is working perfectly? You have to keep in mind that an autoclave is not always sterile. How do we know that it is working fine? There are several things that you have to check in order to control the quality of this instrument. 1. Check the color of the Browne's tubes. Those are the glass tubes which contain sensitive dyes. Those tubes change color after several times of usage. 2. Check the stripes across the Bowie Dick tape. The pale brown color indicates that the sterilization was unsatisfactory. 3. If there is a problem with the autoclave, you can indicate it from the spore strips. The strips might have been germinated. You have to contact an engineer to fix this problem. You can use vial that contains Bacillus stearo-thermophilus spores if you find that the steam does not kill microorganisms, hazardous materials, and other sort of things. You also need to have monthly quality control to check the condition of your unit. You cannot always use this instrument without checking the condition regularly. It is very important to keep everything work properly because medical instruments that are contaminated with pathogenic materials and hazardous materials can infect your patients with other diseases. If you are using this instrument to sterilize tattoo equipment, you also have to pay attention to this unit. It must be done to avoid contaminated tattoo equipment in contact with people's blood. This can lead to virus transfer from one person to another. If you cannot perform regular quality control to your unit, you have to contact the engineer in order to avoid possible danger that might happen. But if you are confident that you can handle regular quality control then, you can do it. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should keep in mind that this instrument is not always hygiene and working properly. There is always possibility of non-working autoclave sterilizer.
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