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Professional Tattoo Equipment for All Types of Tattoos


Professional tattoo equipment contains two most important pieces: tattoo machine and tattoo chair, and you need to research and pay extra attention when shopping for them and related tattoo products.

What Kind of Tattoo Products Are Needed?

Knowing what tattoo products are needed can be quite a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Although the industry is constantly changing and adapting, the primary basis stays the same. There can be quite an extensive list in terms of tattoo supplies, but don’t need an extensive range of them, just the basics, the rest will grow with your business.

Best tattoo machines and parts

Whether you choose to opt for coil or rotary doesn’t matter but what is important is the accompanying parts. A power supply, foot switch, spring clip gauge and tattoo pen are needed to make sure all tattoo supplies and guns work in perfect harmony. Select high-quality and professional tattoo equipment the first time means there should be no replacements or fixes for a long time.


Medical supplies and sterilization equipment

The equipment that is to be used again is medically sterilized using the proper equipment is key to customer safety. As well as sterilizing equipment, a variety of medical supplies are needed to keep customers and tattoo supplies on top form. Razors, bandages, spray bottles and vaseline are just some of the tattoo products needed to carry out the inking process.

Tattoo shop furniture

Artist chairs, client beds, adjustable lights, and tattoo work tables are just some of the tattoo supplies needed before even thinking about picking up the needle. Good quality furniture matched with professional tattoo equipment that will stand the test of time is the key to keeping the shop running smoothly and minimizes the need for replacement supplies.

Needle supplies

It’s important to have the right needles for the right jobs. The right tattoo supplies include having a variety of needles to suit every tattoo task. Rubber bands, grips, tweezers, and sharps containers are just some of the tattoo products that are needed to aid the needles.

Rotary Tattoo Machine: Best for Styles with a Lot of Fill Work

Rotary tattoo machine uses an electric motor as opposed to metal coils, so it is much lighter in weight and quieter in operation. And since the gun is lighter, it is sometimes preferred for time-consuming tattoos, but the rotary machine is not the best for shading since it does aim to provide consistent pressure with every movement.

It provides more consistency and easier controllability for beginners, making filler work a breeze. It is also quieter, causes less damage to the skin, and has fewer maintenance needs than a coil machine.

Coil Tattoo Machine: Good for Styles that Require Complete Control

Coil tattoo machine is the professional tattoo equipment that makes the trademark buzzing sound that tattoo shops are known for. It can provide more control, so it is great for tribal and realism tattoos that require great detail, shading, and intricate line work. This coil machine will offer optimal level of control and can be customized with various tips and coil types to get the look desired. It makes extremely smooth and clear lines, allows for faster completion time, and provides ultimate control for highly detailed designs.

Parameters and Features of Pen Tattoo Machine

Parameters of pen tattoo machine

Brand: Yilong S9 Rechargeable Pen Machine

Motor Brand: Imported German hollow cup motor

Battery Capacity: 1400MA

Charging Time: 1 hour,

Working Hours: 5 hours

Stroke of Bearing: 3.5mm

Motor Size: 27mm*7mm

Size: 13.5cm

Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Red, Rose, Red

Net Weight: 150g

Features of pen tattoo machine

This tattoo pen is highly recommended by our team of designing and producing professional tattoo equipment. This tattoo pen machine can be running with lower frequency, which means that the color transfers to the skin more quickly. For the tattoo work, this machine makes black-and-grey work in particular, and the Yilong tattoo pen machine makes color realism better than the precise line work. There is a friendly-user design that when the grip covered adjustment the stroke used. Here are some of highlights: popular RCA cord connection, stable frequency without any vibration, an ergonomic and friendly-user design.

How to Clean and Sterilize Professional Tattoo Equipment

The most important part of tattooing is instrument sterilization, and an autoclave is the most important piece of equipment in any tattoo studio. Autoclave uses heated steam and pressure to complete the destruction of all microbes, including spores, which are at times impossible to destroy. Absolute sterility can be declared only with very high temperatures. 

The sterilization procedure itself is rather simple: you need to put in professional tattoo equipment and best tattoo machines that need to be sterilized, like handpieces, into the autoclave and turn it on. Steam will then fill the autoclave while pressure and temperature rise at the same time. An autoclave is designed to steadily maintain hot temperatures for a specific amount of time. Since there are a lot of spores and germs that are resistant to high temperatures, high pressure is used in combination with high temperatures and time to achieve 100% elimination of all fungi, viruses, bacteria, and spores.

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