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Tattoo Machines - Why a Rotary Machine Is a Great

by:Yilong     2020-04-19
So, you're a tattoo artist wondering whether it's time to give rotary tattoo machines a run for their money? Ok, then read on as this may give you a little more insight and help you decide whether to splash the cash. It's true that coil machines are the industry standard - and with good reason - they're adjustable and can be personalized to the artist's needs, but rotary machines shouldn't be written off as they have their advantages too. Firstly, the electric motor which drives the needle in a rotary machine is way lighter than the electromagnetic circuit in your coil machine - meaning you can get more work done in a single sitting before your arm drops off! Plus the virtually silent operation is a big bonus. You know those clients that come into your shop full of bravado but who turn a deathly shade of ghost as soon as they hear the buzzing of the machine? Chances are they'll stand a better chance of toughing it out if the machine you're working on them with isn't scaring the living daylights out of them! ?�A?A� Are used for both lining and shading so you can complete an entire tattoo with one machine ?�A?A� Lighter and easier to handle than coil machines - forget finger cramps and work longer in one sitting ?�A?A� They're quiet! This is a huge advantage over noisy coil machines. 1st time and nervous clients are fooled into thinking the tattoo won't hurt as much without that wonderfully grating, buzzing noise! ?�A?A� Maintenance-free. Concentrate on your work without stressing about broken parts and snapped elastic bands Rotary machines definitely have their fans although many artists would argue that the coil machine is still the way to go due to its adjustable nature. To forsake the coil machine entirely would probably not be a great idea but as a back-up for when you don't have the spare parts or the time to stop and mend a broken coil machine mid-job, a rotary machine can be a life-saver. It's definitely worth any tattoo studio investing in a couple of rotary tattoo machines - you never know - you might even find yourself falling for their sleek, lightweight bodies, smooth running mechanics and non-ear-shattering silence! Prices can vary wildly and you can pay well into $100's of dollars, so make sure you shop around and check out a good selection of the many online suppliers as you'll definitely be able to find some reasonably priced kit.
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