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Tattoos That Shock and Awe

by:Yilong     2020-04-01
Thinking of making a statement about an experience or a feeling that is pregnant with feeling for you? Well, what better way to have that represented in your life than by a tattoo that will make it a part of your body forever? Tattoos have become ways in which many people choose to express themselves and have gotten to be pretty mainstream today. The word itself is traced back to the Polynesian word 'tatau' that was borrowed by Joseph Banks in 1769. He used it to describe the indelible marks that the people of Tahiti covered themselves with to represent 'their humor or disposition.' History traces a number of cultures that made use of facial tattoos as part of their heritage. These include the Ainus in Japan, Maori in New Zealand, the Polynesians and several other tribes in Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Though the tradition of tattooing goes back to the 4th or 5th millennium Before Christ, tattoos continue to be frowned upon even today especially in professional circles. That fact hasn't kept the art from getting increasingly popular, however. More and more people today opt to get a tattoo done, often looking at it as a work of art expressed on the canvas of one's own body. Tattoos have been used not just as a tradition but also for spiritual, artistic and decorative purposes. They are also used more frequently now a days to represent a group that one belongs to. This is most commonly noted among gangster and criminals. In such a case, the person in question might also have other tattoos that represent his skill set and achievements in the field of criminology. One must also not forget to mention those who were forcefully tattooed such as the inmates who were tattooed for identification purposes in Nazi Concentration Camps. The reason behind this is the same as that which led sailors and those who worked at sea to tattoo themselves. Tattoos are made indelible by burying the pigment deep enough in the skin that it can't be erased no matter what the person is put through physically. Drowned persons and burn victims can still be identified by their tattoos. Today most modern tattoos are done with the help of machines that can be outfitted with the exact number of needles required to ensure the desired shading. The electronic tattoo machine, however, isn't the only way tattoos are done today. Many traditional methods still abound including tattooing with bamboo needles.
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