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The Importance of Knowing How Tattoo Equipment

by:Yilong     2020-04-10
The art of having a tattoo is something that has been with us for many years. In ancient times tattoos were used to show rank or status and where religious drawings have been used to indicate the role of the individual. Today most tattoos are for body art and for aesthetic purposes only. Tattoo equipment can be easily bought and the studios that provide a tattooing service are on the increase. It has become a very popular thing for people to have some type of body art on any part of the torso and with the development of professional tattoo studios it has become a safe and hygienic pastime. Studios will have stringent health standards to make sure that any tattoos they do are carried out in a sterilised and safe environment. The basic equipment required to do tattoos is a tattoo machine. It is fitted with many tiny needles that then deliver ink to the skin. The quantity of needles used is dependent upon the size of the design they are doing. The machines are constructed in such a way to make them stable to allow the tattoo artist to draw expertly on the skin. At all times the equipment used must be sterile to prevent any infection being passed from one client to another. Needles can be sterilised and be re used but the more modern approach is to use disposable needles that are discarded after use. As the needles come into contact with the clients blood and can potentially carry diseases the use of the disposable needles has become more popular. A reputable tattoo studio will also ensure prior to starting the design that the client does not have any allergies to the different ingredients in the ink. They can contain carbon black or iron oxide so it is very important that any allergies are identified before work on the tattoo starts. After it has been established that there are no allergies then work on your tattoo can begin. Prior to starting the tattoo the client should always be made familiar with the procedures involved and the importance of hygienic routines being used. A professional studio will have these written for the client to study before any work takes place. The artist will need to have very clean hands and sterile gloves worn during the whole process. Wounds are created as part of the tattooing process which provide opportunities for bacteria to enter the body, it is therefore essential that the client is aware of the hygiene procedures that are required by both the studio and the client to prevent the risk of disease and infection.
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