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Things about Rotary Tattoo Machine


Basically, a rotary tattoo machine is powered by an encased motor. Some important parts compose the best rotary tattoo machine. These parts include a DC or RCA connection point, a motor, a cam wheel, a needle bar, the tube (to guide the needle), the grip (to wrap and hold the machine), the tip and last but not least, the needle. When the machine is connected to the DC or RCA power supply, the best motor for rotary tattoo machine will rotate, moving the cam wheel. This cam wheel will be connected with the needle by the “eye”, which will get secured with a grommet.

Rotary Tattoo Machine Types

Choosing the best rotary tattoo machine comes down to characteristics that include weight, the machine gun, and availability of the tattooing accessories including ink. Essentially, the rotary tattoo machine differs by brand and the way in which various models have refined machine characteristics to give artists and clients a better experience. Tattoo artists who intend to acquire one should look out for reviews and ultimately, make a choice based on personal preferences.

The Applications of Rotary Tattoo Machine Kits

Rotary tattoo machine kits could be used for lining, shading, and color packer. The rotary machine is designed to operate over a variable voltage range depending on personal preference and the type of work being created.

Specifications And Features of Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Machine

Product Parameter:

Product Brand: Yilong Y5 Tattoo Pen Machine

Motor Brand: Imported German Hollow Cup Motor

Product Number: 1002573

Motor Rotating Speed 12000rpm/Minute

Weight: 300g

Liner Voltage: 6-8V

Shader Voltage: 5-8V

Material: Aviation Aluminum

Length Of Needle: 2.5-4mm Optimal

Color: Blue, Red, Purple, Grey, Black

Features of dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine

It uses an electric motor to drive the needle up and down, unlike the coiled machine which uses magnetism. A rotary tattoo machine can be nearly half the weight of a coil machine, making them much easier to handle for many professional tattoo artists. As well as this, it does not have any springs or armature bars that vibrate against each other – this means the machine can operate in near silence.

This dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine stands out mainly because it uses an electric motor mechanism to move the needles in and out of the skin. The best motor for rotary tattoo machine allows the machine to work with precision to make fine lines and shading during the tattoo process.

A significant advantage of this rotary tattoo machine is that it is light in weight, allowing the tattoo artist to work fast and for longer. Besides, the artist works with greater precision because the hands do not cramp as much especially for complex tattoo designs requiring a lot of time. Artist can use the machine for both drawing lines and shading, which speaks of the great versatility of the dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine.

The electric motor makes this best rotary tattoo machine significantly quiet. Thus, the tattooing experience becomes more laid back and relaxed as opposed to being intimidating when you have a buzzing machine working on your skin.

Precautions For Rotary Tattoo Machine Setup

The setup of a rotary tattoo machine is one of the fundamental steps of getting it to work properly. It can be a bit challenging to set up, tune and troubleshoot the tattoo machine but with time, users can learn how to do it easily.

Before setting up the tattoo machine, users will have to ensure that their hands are clean. Once users have ensured that their hands and working station is disinfected, follow these steps:

1. Get a rubber nipple and attach it to the needle bar pin.

2. Adjust the tattoo gun retainer screw to open it. This will create room for the needle bar and tube.

3. Carefully insert the needles into the tube and input the tube tightly into its clamp.

4. Fit the needle-bar loop to the nipple and ensure they come together tightly.

5. Hold the needle-bar pin and press it downwards with the attached needle-bar.

6. Tune the retainer screw to adjust the needle-bar retainer in order to bring the needle-bar into contact with the needle-bar retainer rings.

7. Tighten enough to hold the needles in place to avoid wobbling.

Once the dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine is setup, connect it to a power source and operate it at the desired voltage. Lining requires a higher voltage because users work faster while shading requires a lower voltage.


The grommet must be placed first into the eye of the needle bar, then users can connect it with the cam wheel end.

After setting up all the other elements, users can power the rotary tattoo machine; this will move the motor (moving in clockwise motion) and the bar will move up and down. The up and down movement of the needle bar releases the needles in and out, piercing the skin.

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