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What about the exports of Yilong in recent years?
Over the years, the number of Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd products exported to overseas countries has steadily increased. By cause of the innovative engineering and the hard work of the best employees, we provide custom tattoo coils with excellent performance and continue to be widely recognized by customers. Due to this foreign trade coverage and infrastructure construction, we have the courage to develop our business to foreign markets and maintain a leading position.

Yilong is broadly regarded as a reliable manufacturer of tattoo piercing supply. Yilong's main products include tattoo machine grips series. cleaning tattoo machine, made from excellent materials, is carefully designed in a reinforcement way. It has excellent performances such as heat preservation and windproof, waterproof, and shockproof properties. It is safe, reliable and durable. The product can give people's bloodstream an immunity boost, which might result in getting sick less often. It is packaged in an individual sterile pack.

We care about our environment. We have involved ourselves in protecting it. We have formulated and executed many plans to reduce carbon footprints and pollution during our production stages. For example, strictly handle gases pollution using professional equipment.
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