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What about the production flow for precision plus tattoo machine in Yilong?
Zhejiang Yilong Tattoo Supply co.,ltd constantly optimizes production flow and upgrades manufacturing equipment, so that we can keep an outstanding position in tattoo machine field. With a long-term determined effort, we have dramatically reduced costs and strengthened our competitiveness. Efficient production flow can be seen in our factory.

Yilong takes the lead to establish globally recognized cleaning tattoo machine in the nation. Yilong's cleaning tattoo machine series are created based on unremitting efforts. The raw materials Yilong tattoo artist chair uses are from traceable sources. It is designed and manufactured according to the law of electromagnetic induction. we ensures that it brings added value to customers and inspires customers to grow. It is widely sold in the European and American markets.

We are committed to preserving resources and materials as long as possible. Our goal is to stop contributing to landfills. By reusing, regenerating, and recycling products, we sustainably conserve our planet's resources.
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