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What Is the Best Tattoo Light for Tattooing


The right tattoo light plays an important role in every tattoo studio, so artists will find the professional tattoo light that will make their everyday life a lot easier. Especially for tattoos with finer lines and some details, it is very important that a tattoo artist always has everything well-lit in view.

Why A Tattoo Light Matters For Tattooing

Tattooing is the work of deepness. Artists have spent their day and night with ink and machine and they can’t take the risk with someone’s skin at any cost. The tattoo LED lamp used during the tattoo process is the most essential requirement for a tattoo artist. People spend hundreds of dollars on other equipment but they forget to consider the most important thing that is to buy a professional tattoo light. A tattoo light that is professional can be helpful for artists to make sure the colors and details come out the way they’re intended to. In this way, their professionalism can be perfectly shown to the clients.

How to Choose the best Ring Light for Tattooing

So how to find the best ring light for tattooing will help artists to maintain their deep focus on the tattoo even at the time of night, this will be an easy task. Think about the bright LED tattoo floor lamp that provides high brightness light. This kind of light will artists to see the mini particle even in the darkroom. It is best recommended that artists should look for a tattoo LED lamp that consumes less electricity and provides actual daylight experience. Other than tattooing you can use this lamp on various other places like the living room, drawing room and kitchen. Also, artists should find a tattoo light that provides eye-friendly light that will surely help them in focusing on their work. The light comes in various lighting modes that will help artists to create a suitable lighting atmosphere so they can choose any of them as per their need and choice.

Parameters and Features of Tattoo LED Lamp

Parameters of tattoo LED lamp

Material: ABS & Metal

Color: White

Optional Type: RK40-10.5in, RK42-12in, RK43-8in

Color Temperature: 3200-6500k

USB Voltage: 5V/1A

Power Supply: 220V 50-60Hz

Outer Diameter: 45 cm

Output: 60W

Max Height: 49"

Weight: 13lbs

Features of tattoo LED lamp

This light emits a bright, glaring light. It gives artists the best of both worlds with a precision balance of contrast and brightness. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion, and fatigue other light sources cause.

This professional tattoo light is perfect for a tattoo artist's workstation. This tattoo light features a wide shade, sturdy yet lightweight base, and an adjustable flex neck to position the light right where artists need it. The advanced technology shows ink colors accurately and illuminates the smallest details for mistake-proof results.

The brightness and the temperature of this LED tattoo floor lamp are individually adjustable at the back with knobs - according to different needs! And it can be adjusted in height from 80 to 180 cm and can be aligned differently.

It is dimmable in several stages, so as to always guarantee the optimal illumination, regardless of whether artists work in rather dimly lit tattoo studios or sunlit exhibition halls. Artists can choose the right lighting for their working environments.

Its slim head design gives artists perfect lighting conditions, with optimal shadow-free lighting. This tattoo light comes with bright daylight LED's which are energy-saving and reduces eye strain and offers true color matching.

The Manufacturer of The Professional Tattoo Light

Every artist has their preference of lighting depending on the style of tattoo, artist workstation, studio environment, and other factors. To ensure they have just what they need, Yilong offers a wide selection of tattoo lighting from LED tattoo floor lamps that are easily adjustable for maximum clarity and brightness, to rechargeable headlamps and portable tables. 

We all know the importance of good lighting during the tattoo process and we are able to give you options and features that match your needs at the best prices. We’ve got a whole host of lamps that are perfect for all tattoo artists. Our tattoo light has dimmable LEDs that provide an even spread of light from edge to edge and provide true color matching. Some of our lighting devices have built-in magnifying glasses allowing artists to magnify areas that need more attention when working.


Make sure you need to ensure many things while buying a tattoo LED lamp for crafting a tattoo like brightness, voltage, and natural white light. So make your decision on behalf of these factors so that you will get the best option in the market.

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