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What Tattoo Machine Parts Include


It's important for artists to familiarize with tattoo machine parts and the way they interconnect so that they can comfortably use and accurately replace parts as needed. A coil tattoo machine has core components (frames, front & back binding post, contact screw, armature bar, etc.) and other components, including the various nuts and bolts, washers, and the pieces.

Coil Tattoo Machine Parts Diagram

Tattoo Machine Frame - All other parts are attached to the tattoo machine frame, so it's the core of the tattoo machine coil. Whenever the bolt other parts to the frame, you typically need a washer in between the screw head and the frame to ensure that electrical current stays where it needs to - running between the contact screw, armature bar, springs, and coils- and doesn't charge the frame itself and cause a short.

Front Binding Post - The front binding post of tattoo machine parts has two purposes: to attach one of the coil's electrical connectors to the frame and to hold and allow you to adjust the position of the contact screw so it lines up nicely with the front spring and touches it.

Back Binding Post - The rear binding post attaches the coil's second electrical connector to the frame, completing a circuit when the machine is powered up and the contact screw and front spring are also touching.

Contact Screw - The contact screw completes a circuit when the coils are charged with electricity and the contact screw and front spring are touching.

Armature Bar - The armature bar pulls tattoo needles back out of the skin after the electromagnetic current from the charged coils pulls it down and breaks the circuit by disconnecting the contact screw and front spring. The armature bar is then released from the coils when the electromagnetic field collapses. 

Armature Bar Screw - The armature bar screw attaches the front and rear springs to the armature bar, finalizing the armature bar assembly. There should be a washer in between this bolt and the springs.

Front & Rear Springs - There are two pieces of tattoo machine parts connected to create the spring assembly that attaches to the armature bar: a front spring and a rear/back spring.   

Parameters Tattoo Machine Parts - Front Contact Binding Post

Product Name: Yilong Front Contact Binding Post

Model: 2300104

Type: Tattoo machine parts

Material: Mix

Package Include: 1pc


This front binding post can be used on rotary machines. This front binding post is made of brass. It also has a twist lock that will make the contact screw secure.

This front contact binding post tattoo machine parts and frames are precisely machined and polished. It is not easy to deform and durable for a long time use.

How to Replace Tattoo Machine Frames and Parts

The diagram below shows how to set bolt it to the frame from underneath and line up the two coil connector wires so that they can be properly anchored once users re-attach the front and back binding posts. All tattoo machine parts and frames are different, but there will typically be two holes on the bottom to settle the coils into, a hole on the top left of the frame to attach the left coil connector and front binding post, and a hole on the bottom right to attach the right connector and back binding post.

Note: Sometimes it's best to wait until both coils and armature assembly are attached to the frame before inserting the washers between the bottom of the coils and the machine frame. If you put them in initially and have to keep moving things around to get your alignments right, the washers may fall out and become a nuisance.

The Manufacturer of Tattoo Machine Parts

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