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What to Do While Tattoo Machines Not Working

by:Yilong     2020-04-04
Tattoos are very popular among all the age groups. New trends in tattoos are emerging as it becomes more popular in the latest fashion. People are expressing themselves and beautifying their bodies with tattoos. Many people now have their own tattoo machine kits. But many of these beginners are not aware of how to take care of these machines. Here are a few tips to follow to take good care of your machine: If your tattoo machine stops right in the middle of your tattooing, the first thing you need to check is its power pack. Include the home electricity, the tattoo power supply, the wire to the plug, clip cord and the foot pedal. Change another tattoo machine to make sure the power supply is OK, otherwise, you have check the power supply separately. If the machine is running on rechargeable batteries then they must only need sum recharge. Keep a nail file with you as it can help remove the carbon that builds up inside the machine. The carbon can potentially cause poor connections and result in blockages. After you are done with the nail file, always remember to clean those parts of the machines where it was used. Do not use sand paper, as suggested by many people. The sand left on the machine can affect your machine's performance drastically. Always check the connection between the contact tension screw and the front contact tightening screw. Make sure there are no broken wires or electrical cords which may result into stopping. Have extra power cords in this case. You must ensure the cleanliness of the machine. For this make a mixture of cleaner or mild bleach in warm water. Use a sanitary wipe, soak it in the mixture and wipe off the ink splatter from the machine. A clean machine is also important for the health of the clients. You must wash the rubber grommets from the nipple where the needle bar is attached to the armature. Earlier machines had tape instead of grommets which were removable so people tend to forget to wash these. After each session always remember to wipe the whole machine. Don't leave out any part and clean the coils, tube, springs, yoke and armature. Rinse these parts with water and then dry with some cloth. It is better to take care of your tattoo machine and maintain it than buying a new one every now and then. With proper care you will see that a machine can work well for a very long time. This will save you a lot of time and money. For experienced tattooists, prepare several tattoo machines and not only one tattoo power supply will make the tattooing process go well.
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